About This Site

This site contains historical images and videos of Forest Valley Day Camp.

Many of the photos in this site are from the camp archives. They were located in the basement of the main office and contained records, camper bags, t-shirts and promotional items.  The history of the camp in the form of 35mm slides from 1958 through 1992 were also stored there, along with a small number of black & white and colour photographs.

Unfortunately, all of this material was lost when the camp closed in 1993.

However, a significant collection of these images were in the possession of the author when the camp closed in 1993. Preserved for more than 20 years, they represent the only existing images from the official camp record. The majority – in the form of 35mm slides – have been scanned and digitally restored.

In addition, a large personal collection of documents, news clippings, promotional material and camp artefacts has been catalogued and photographed.  Many newspaper articles and ads were acquired from the archives of The Toronto Star.  Several photos were copied from the Facebook page, “I Went to Forest Valley Day Camp.”

This site was created by Jay Kahane, who spent 12 summers at Forest Valley.  Jay was hired as a counsellor by Bert Fine in 1981.  He later worked as a Photography Specialist, Program Director, Transportation Director and as Assistant Director to Jennifer Fine through 1992.

This site is dedicated to Bert Fine, the founder of day camping in Canada.



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