Development of the Forest Valley Site – Timeline & Photos

Development History – Aerial Photos

1953:  Before development.  Red star is future location of T-Pool


1952 aerial star


1957:  One year after purchase. Red star is future location of T-Pool.

1957 zoom star

labelled 1957 zoom

Initial construction included the I-pool, locker room and office/mechanical building.




New in this photo:  Tennis Court, Paddleball Wall, T-Pool and Locker Room, I-Learners, Shuffleboard, A-Frames,  Kitchen, Muppet Unit Pathways, Bridge, Stables (across the river).



1964-Air View New Bldg2

Auditorium, Fireplace Area & Parking Lot after completion. Garages also visible. Note that main office is not yet built.





New in this photo:  Main Office, T-learner #1 w/ shuffleboard, Muppet Unit, Parking Lot, Central Supply, Cabin Buildings (Muppets, Zoolus, Jetsons), Sugar Shack, Portables, Jr. & Sr. A&C, Photography Hut, Pottery Hut



1983 Aeial


New in this photo:  T-Learner #2, Commando Course.






2013:  Red star is former location of T-Pool.

2013 star


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